SC added 200 antler racks to state records list in 2023

Tanner Herndon’s SC record-book buck.

Two bucks made Boone and Crockett

During the spring of 2023, SCDNR officials added a total of 200 deer antlers to South Carolina’s records list. Two of those records also qualified for the Boone and Crockett Club.

The agency scored 534 sets of antlers, most of them at the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic in March. Of those 534, 200 met the minimum score, including 195 that made it as typical, along with five that made it as non-typical.

Most (138) of those that made the list were killed during the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

The highest-scoring typical buck came from Chesterfield County, and was killed by Donald Craig in November 2020. That buck scored 166 2/8 inches, and is No. 14 all-time on the South Carolina list.

The second highest-scoring buck was killed in August 2022. That buck was killed by Tanner Herndon in Dorchester County, and scored 1610/8 inches, and sits at No. 32 all-time.

The largest non-typical buck scored came from Williamsburg County, and netted 1570/8 inches. Ty Tilton killed that buck in October 2022.

The second-best non-typical buck was killed in Colleton County during December 2022, by James Cassell. It scored 1560/8 inches.

The county that added the most deer to the records list was Aiken County, with 20 new entries. Orangeburg County was next with 18, Greenville County produced 16, and Lexington County added 12.

All-time, South Carolina has 8171 sets of antlers on the records list. This includes 7845 typical racks and 326 non-typical sets of antlers.

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