Male winners from 2022 Dixie Deer Classic

23 male winners recognized at 2022 Dixie Deer Classic

The Dixie Deer Classic passed out 23 awards to male hunters at this past weekend’s awards ceremony. Ten of those hunters killed outstanding deer during the 2021 season, 10 killed award-winning deer in 2020, and three killed black bears that were scored during the show, which took place at the N.C. State Fairgrounds March 4-6.

2022 winners

Of the 10 males recognized for deer they killed during the 2021 season, four were youth hunters.

Cooper Black won the Youth Male Gun Typical award with a Guilford County buck that measured 130 4/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Cooper Black’s Guilford County buck scored 130 4/8 inches.

Tristan Fulcher’s 105 6/8-inch Cumberland County deer took top honors for Youth Male Gun Nontypical.

Dixie Deer Classic
Tristan Fulcher’s award-winning buck came from Cumberland County.

Turner Vaughan won the Youth Male Bow Typical contest for his Durham County buck that scored 118 2/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Turner Vaughan’s buck scored 118 2/8, and came out of Durham County.

Ransom Summers killed an Orange County brute at 150 2/8 inches, winning the Youth Male Crossbow Typical award. 

Dixie Deer Classic
Ransom Summers killed his buck in Orange County.

Six adult males won awards for 2021 season

Male Gun Nontypical winner Vince Clark also won the Best in Show award. He killed a trophy buck that scored 203 0/8 inches in Avery County.

Dixie Deer Classic
Vincent Clark won the Male Gun Nontypical category as well as the Best in Show award for this Avery County brute.

The Male Gun Typical Award went to Carl Fleming for his 162 6/8 inch beast. His deer came from Polk County.

Carl Fleming’s Polk County buck scored 162 6/8.

Dwayne Bryant won the Male Muzzleloader Typical category for his Rockingham County brute that measured 155 7/8 inches.

Dwayne Bryant’s Rockingham County buck taped out at 155 7/8 inches.

Gus Gusler’s Granville County deer took the award for Male Muzzleloader Nontypical. His buck stretched the tape to 139 1/8 inches.

This Granville County buck won the Male Muzzleloader Nontypical award for Gus Gusler.

The Male Bow Typical award went to Josiah Noble for his Hoke County deer that scored 139 6/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
This 139 6/8-inch buck came out of Hoke County.

Dalas Norton took the top spot in the Male Crossbow Typical category with a Wake County buck measuring 134 3/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Dalas Norton’s Wake County buck measured 134 3/8 inches.

Winners of the canceled 2021 Dixie Deer Classic

The 2021 Dixie Deer Classic was canceled, so their awards ceremony was also held at the 2022 show. 

Three youth male hunters received awards.

Luke Johnson won the Youth Male Gun Typical award for his Randolph County buck that scored 152 1/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Luke Johnson killed this buck in Randolph County.

Andrew Pernell took honors in the Youth Male Bow Typical category with a Warren County deer that scored 107 5/8 inches.

Andrew Pernell killed his award-winning buck in Warren County.

Tyson Kreed won the Presidential Male Youth Gun Typical award for his Anson County buck that measured 139 1/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Tyson Kreed won the Presidential Award for Male Youth Gun Typical with this Anson County beast.

Seven male adults won deer awards, three won bear awards

Rodney McDaris killed a Buncombe County brute that scored 186 6/8 inches, winning the Male Gun Nontypical category.

Dixie Deer Classic
Rodney McDaris, who wasn’t present at the awards ceremony, killed this buck in Buncombe County.

The Male Gun Typical award went to Jonathan Stalls for his Bertie County buck that measured 140 4/8 inches.

Jonathan Stalls’ buck came out of Bertie County.

The Male Muzzleloader Typical category was awarded to Matthew Petersen. His Alamance County deer taped out at 154 4/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Matthew Peterson killed his award-winning buck in Alamance County.

Dennis Leonard won the Male Bow Typical award for his Mecklenburg County buck that scored 155 3/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Dennis Leonard killed this buck in Mecklenburg County.

Pacen Dunn took the Male Bow Nontypical contest for his 128 3/8-inch Pernell County deer.

Dixie Deer Classic
Pacen Dunn’s buck came out of Chatham County.

Marc Jacobs’ Alamance County buck took top honors for the Male Crossbow Typical award. It measured 148 3/8 inches.

Marc Jacobs’ buck came from Alamance County.

The Male Crossbow Nontypical award went to Christopher Harden. His Moore County buck scored 196 3/8 inches.

Christopher Harden killed this buck in Moore County.

Black bear award winners

Mark Stokes won the 2021 Black Bear NC Male Gun award with his Pamlico County bruin that scored 21 8/16 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Mark Stokes’ Pamlico County black bear measured 21 8/16 inches.

Timothy Leary won the 2020 Black Bear NC Male Gun prize for his Camden County bear that measured 20 13/16 inches.

Timothy Leary killed his black bear in Camden County.

Jackie Cole won the 2021 Black Bear Virginia award for his 21 15/16-inch bear from Patrick County, VA. 

Jackie Cole’s Patrick County, Virginia black bear measured 21 15/16 inches.

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