Dixie Deer Classic 2022 female award winners

Dixie Deer Classic

13 female hunters were recognized at the 2022 Dixie Deer Classic

Eight female hunters won accolades at the 2022 Dixie Deer Classic for their hunting efforts during the 2021 season. After having their bucks officially scored, they received plaques for their outstanding kills.

Madison Boyd took the Female Crossbow Typical award. Her Granville County buck officially scored 132 7/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Madison Boyd’s award-winning buck came from Granville County.

Logan Barefoot received the Female Gun Typical award for the Orange County buck she killed. Her deer measured 133 0/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Logan Barefoot killed this buck in Orange County.

Hailey Edwards took top honors in the Female Gun Nontypical class. Her Lee County buck taped out at 124 1/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Hailey Edwards’ buck came out of Lee County.

Brooklyn Caillat’s Guilford County buck, which scored 136 3/8 inches, captured the Youth Female Gun Typical award. Her deer scored 136 3/8.

Dixie Deer Classic
Brooklyn Caillat shows off her Guilford County brute.

Brittany Godwin won the Female Muzzleloader Typical award. Her Person County buck stretched the tape to 144 5/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Brittany Godwin killed her prize-winning buck in Person County.

Ashley Nevins came out on top in the Female Muzzleloader Nontypical category with her 141 5/8-inch buck from Granville County.

Ashley Nevins took this buck in Granville County.
Ashley Nevins killed her buck in Granville County.

Jena Hall’s Wake County buck measured 121 6/8 inches, securing the award for Female Bow Typical.

Dixie Deer Classic
Jena Hall’s buck measured 121 6/8 inches and came out of Wake County.

Jamie Muhle won the Presidential Award for Female Bow Typical with her Granville County buck that scored 110 0/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Jamie Muhle’s Granville County buck won the Presidential Award for Female Bow Typical.

Winners for canceled 2021 Dixie Deer Classic

Because the 2021 Dixie Deer Classic was canceled, award winners from the 2020 deer hunting season were also named.

Five females represented from that class.

Laura Tucker won the Female Gun Typical award for the Warren County buck she killed. It measured 139 6/8 inches.

Laura Tucker’s buck came out of Warren County.

Jacey Hargrove won the Youth Female Gun Typical category for her Wayne County deer that scored 109 2/8 inches.

Jacey Hargrove’s Wayne County buck measured 109 2/8 inches.

Rainey Mitchell took top honors in Female Muzzleloader Typical. Her Chatham County buck measured 121 2/8.

Dixie Deer Classic
Rainey Mitchell killed her award-winning buck in Chatham County.

Karleigh Davis took the award for Youth Female Muzzleloader Typical with a Mecklenburg County buck that scored 123 2/8 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Karleigh Davis took this buck in Mecklenburg County.

Karen Mitchell was the lone female to win a black bear award for either year. Her Hyde County bear grossed 17 9/16 inches.

Dixie Deer Classic
Karen Mitchell won Female Gun Black Bear honors with her Hyde County bear that scored 17 9/16.

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