MAGLITE XL50 LED Spectrum Red

Light your way with this LED MAGLITE

Hunters walking in darkness will have no problem dodging spider webs, fallen limbs, briars and mudholes when using the XL50 LED’s red beam, which provides greater contrast to illuminated objects.

The red LED also reduces eye strain, so even long walks are no match. Using night vision technology? That’s not a problem either, as this light does not interfere with it.

This compact light is 4.8 inches long, weighs a scant 3.7 ounces, fits easily in a pocket, bag or glove box and puts out 114 lumens, with a peak beam intensity of 4905cd and a beam distance of 153 yards. The aluminum alloy housing is water resistant and drop resistant up to 3.3 feet.

Powered by three AAA batteries, the XL50 runs at full power for 61/2 hours, so long tracking jobs or lengthy walks to the truck after the sun sets are no big deal. The low-powered setting keeps it going for a whopping 24 hours.

With a push-button tailcap, the XL50 features a beam that is focusable from ultra-narrow to flood-light wide.

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