Good optics are essential

Don’t skimp on your optics; saving a few dollars might cost you a chance at a big buck.

Joe Kelly has long recognized the importance of quality optics when hunting monster whitetails.

“I believe a hunter needs every advantage he can get,” Kelly said. “Using quality optics, both for the rifle scope and for binoculars, can be a real key to success.

“There are times when hunting deer the biggest bucks won’t step out until right at dark. A quality scope can add those precious few minutes to your ability to see and define your target in terms of what the rack on that buck really looks like. Then, if it’s what you want, you can harvest it. Bucks will move all day during the rut, but it still seems like the trophy deer prefer the low-light conditions.

“Success during the rut is also sometimes a factor of making long range shots,” he added. Again, quality optics are a key to success.”

Kelly said that putting money into a quality scope and binoculars is some of the best money a serious deer hunter can spend.

Editor’s note: This article is part of the Caution! Rut ahead! feature in the November issue of South Carolina Sportsman. Digital editions can be downloaded right to your computer or smartphone.

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