Deer hunter dies while prepping for hunting season

A boating accident at Santee killed one man last Thursday night.

Hunter died after fall on hunting property

An accidental fall appears to be the cause of death for a Taylors, S.C. deer hunter. Robert Morgan, 70-years-old, was found by a member of his hunt club on the hunting property off Hwy. 72 in Abbeville County.

The accident happened Saturday, Sept. 4. The person who found his body called 911 around 1 p.m. First responders from Abbeville EMS, Abbeville Search & Rescue and Abbeville County Fire Dept. were dispatched. They located the body in the woods after a 15-minute search on ATVs.

Morgan was apparently preparing his deer stand for deer hunting season, which begins for archery hunters on Sept. 15, for primitive weapons on Oct. 1, and for guns on Oct. 11 in Abbeville County, which is in the state’s Game Zone 2.

The Abbeville County Coroner’s Office said an autopsy is scheduled for this week. No foul play is suspected.

SCDNR reminds hunters of these tree stand safety tips:

* When climbing a tree stand, ALWAYS use some type of fall restraint device or safety harness.

* Use a safety rope (sometimes called a “life line”) with a prussic knot to secure to your safety harness so that you are always tied in from the ground to the top and back down again.

* ALWAYS use a rope to raise and lower your unloaded gun or bow and arrows up the stand. NEVER carry your gun, bow or heavy load into or out of the tree stand. Pull them up once you are safely seated in your stand. Unload your gun before pulling it up to, or lowering it from, the tree stand.

* Purchase a tree stand from a manufacturer who meets the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA) safety standards (Look for the TMA symbol on the box).

* Inspect your stand prior to the beginning of the hunting season. Check all of the straps for deterioration and make sure that the stand is firmly attached to the tree.

* REMEMBER, EVERY TIME YOU HUNT, tell someone 1) where you are hunting, 2)where your tree stand is located, and 3)when you plan to return home.


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