Protect your fishing reels in style

Using a neoprene reel cover helps protect your reels, and you can do it in style with these covers from SportFish.

Fish-themed covers offer stylish way to keep reels safe

I had a friend show up for a fishing trip recently with two spinning reels. He couldn’t turn the handle or open the bail on either one of them. The problem? He’d failed to clean them after his last saltwater trip from two weeks earlier.

He learned the hard way that you can ruin a fishing reel very quickly if you fail to rinse it after saltwater exposure.

Fishing reels are more than just tools to help us catch fish. They are an investment, and in some cases, functional works of art. And whether it’s to protect their functionality or their looks, we should do all we can to keep them in the best shape possible.

Aside from giving your reels a thorough rinse job, reel covers can also help protect them in many ways. Bumps and scratches against other reels, boat decks, or truck beds, can result in unsightly blemishes which can also make reels more vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Reel covers can also help protect your reel’s fishing line from UV rays, saltwater spray, and other elements.

Neoprene covers are durable, flexible, and offer a degree of padding that makes the material ideal for protecting reels.

SportFish Reel Covers makes neoprene reel covers, and one thing that sets them apart from other companies is the variety they offer. You can find all different sizes from any brand, but you’ll only find one or two colors from the majority of them. SportFish Reel Covers are available in many sizes, but also in many different styles.

No need to have all your equipment look like everyone else’s. Why cover your reels with a plain-colored cover when you can use a redfish-themed one? And we’re not talking about just a photo of a redfish, but a cover that looks like the skin and scales of a redfish. How about a mahi-themed reel cover? Catfish, largemouth bass, stripers — these are just a few of the patterns available from SportFish Reel Covers.

Like the thought of a custom, one-of-a-kind reel cover instead of one of their stock models? They can help you with that too. Click here to visit their website and check out their reel covers and other products.

And don’t forget, we’re well into Christmas shopping season, and these make great stocking stuffers.

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