High-Speed Lures 101

High-speed trolling with lures can make fore extra fishing time, save fuel and find pods of wahoo.

The market is virtually flooded with wahoo lures designed for high-speed trolling. A spread can cost a fortune, depending on which lures you favor. San Sal Candy lures (made by Black Bart International) are very effective, mainly because they stay in the water at high speeds. However, you can make your own lures and save some serious money.

Capt. Joe Seegers makes his own and said there are two things to consider. First, the lures have to be heavy enough to stay down and not constantly flopping out of the water at trolling speeds up to 16 or so knots. Multiple egg weights behind the lure head make this possible. Second, the hooksets have to be stiffened so that the individual hooks don’t bind with each other or the lure head. To achieve this end Seegars uses electrical shrink tape over the hook eyes and down the shank. The trailing hook can swing slightly, but it can’t wrap itself up. Make your own, keep your hooks sharp, and you just may be amazed at the results.

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