Southport fishing report – the bite is on fire!

The folks at Yeah Right Charters are catching plenty of redfish, as well as many other species.

Yeah Right Charters said now is the time to go!

Fall fishing is hot in the Southport area! The folks at Yeah Right Charters said this is the time of year anglers have been waiting for, and whether it’s inshore, nearshore, or offshore fish that you’re looking to catch, now is the time to go.

In the creeks, inlets, and other backwater areas, we are catching slot-sized redfish nearly every day. Some nice speckled trout are also biting. We’re catching a lot of these fish on Berkley Gulp! Shrimp bounced along drop-offs and current breaks near oyster beds. And even though we have to release all of the flounder, anglers are also catching plenty of them.

King mackerel numbers have started showing up in strong numbers along the beaches. Angler are catching their share trolling live pogies. And the kings are happy to put their reels to screaming in short order.

Target the kingfish around schools of bait that are localized to structure like nearshore reefs and river channels. Baitfish concentrate around these locales. The nearshore reefs are also seeing some good numbers of bull red drum. Some days are better than others, but hooking up with one of these beasts is a fight you will never forget.

All flounder must be released, but they are still fun to catch and biting like hotcakes.

Offshore anglers are catching their share of king mackerel too, especially in the 65-foot range. Dead cigar minnow rigs are working best on most days, but live menhaden are also working on certain days. So go prepared with both and you’ll stay on the fish.

Be prepared for multiple species

Bottom fishing offshore is producing gag grouper and scamp grouper. These fish are moving and feeding pretty heavily right now. The grouper are especially active on ledges and rocks when the proper moon phase meets the best currents. Anglers are having no problem limiting out on these fish.

Other offshore catches include some large vermillion snapper, silver snapper, and triggerfish. The bite will heat up even more for these species in the coming weeks as the water continues to cool down. Big numbers of black sea bass should also begin to show up soon.

In the Gulf Stream, wahoo is the word! The wind is a big factor with wahoo, and anglers fishing on favorable winds are bringing some big fish back to the docks. Anglers catch more when covering a lot of ground with high-speed trolling. Lures that run deeper are working best.

Redfish, black drum, and a host of other species are biting strong out of Southport, N.C.

Backfin tuna are mixed in with the wahoo, and yellowfin tuna are sporadic visitors. Slow down your trolling speed and you’ll catch a mix of all three species.

Right now, every day is different, but something is biting strong on every day. Be prepared to target multiple species for the best chance at filling your fish box. Anglers can “make it happen” this time of year better than they have been since the spring. And it’s only going to get better as the weather continues to cool down.

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