Here’s a unique way to catch sheepshead

Sheepshead fishing involves some very technique-specific tactics. It’s rare to catch a sheepshead when you are fishing for any other species. As a matter of fact, many anglers catch redfish, flounder, speckled trout, and black drum throughout their entire lives and never catch a sheepshead.

And even though anglers must target these fish in a very detailed manner, anglers who pursue these fish can do so with very different approaches. Some prefer to use heavy rods with fast action. Others say light rods with slow actions are necessary. And every now and then, you run across someone who catches these sneaky bait thieves in a way that you’ve never heard of.

Such was the case for the folks at Low Country Wildlife TV when they joined some anglers who like to target sheepshead out of Georgetown. They went to the jetties, which didn’t surprise Team LCW’s Stacy Atkinson or Legend Drummond. But once at the jetties, Atkinson and Drummond both caught these fish differently than they ever had.

Check out the video to see a unique way to target sheepshead.


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