Pick a pink lure

Pink lures, like this Yo-Zuri deep diver, are favorites of Atlantic bonito.

“An Atlantic bonito doesn’t care about the color of a lure as long as it’s pink,” said Capt. Bruce Trujillo.

Of course, these aggressive fish will strike other colors, with his back-up choice being blue/silver. However, various shades of pink, perhaps in combination with flashy silver or gold are the mainstays of many anglers who seek Atlantic bonito.

This Atlantic bonito struck a dumbbell-eye fly, or Clouser Minnow, tied with hot pink bucktail. When casting a fly, it is important to use a heavy monofilament leader, not a wire leader, because the fish are leader shy.

The metal tube lure on the left is a Sea Striker Got-Cha with a hot pink head and gold body. The Got-Cha is a go-to lure for anglers who make long-distance casts to surface feeding fish from boats. If a school of Atlantic bonito sounds and heads deep, an angler can troll around the area with the same Got-cha, using it as a search lure to locate the fish.

The other two lures to the right of the Got-cha are HR Tackle Stingsilvers. Made of heavy metal, these all-purpose lures can be cast long distances or jigged when the fish are deep. They are especially effective when the schools of Atlantic bonito are sparse or spooky. They also work exceptionally well on windy days when the angler must cast into the wind or cannot chase down a fast-moving school with a boat due to heavy wave action.

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