Carry a big variety of lures when targeting speckled trout

Topwater baits, spoons and soft plastics all have their place in a trout fisherman’s tackle box.

Any time you’re going trout fishing at daybreak, you need to bring a collection of topwater lures. Nothing is more exciting, heart-stopping and on certain days as effective as working topwater lures through likely speckled trout holes.

Heddon Spooks, Super Spooks, and Spook Juniors are some of the most-popular topwater lures among anglers, and MirrOlure’s She Dog, Papa Dog, and Top Pup have a strong following. Similar lures like LIVETARGET’s Mullet and Livingston Lure’s Pro Sizzle are good ones as well.

MirrOlure has a lesser-known line that is catching on with anglers along South Carolina’s coast. The Paul Brown line is made up of soft-bodied lures with treble hooks that look much like there hard-plastic cousins. They come in topwater and suspending models, and what many anglers like about them is that trout seem to hang onto the soft bodies longer than they do the hard lures, leading to more hookups and fewer missed fish.

When it comes to soft plastics, artificial shrimp by Vudu, D.O.A., LIVETARGET, Billy Bay and Savage Gear are all high-quality imitations that can be used on the bottom or under a popping cork. It’s best to keep these lures moving with a quick pop of the wrist, followed by reeling in the slack, and repeating. Z-Man Trout Tricks, Egret’s Wedgetail Eel and Norton’s Sandeel are also soft-plastic lures that work great on jigheads.

Spoons aren’t as commonly used to target speckled trout, but one popular company is Nemire. Its three types of spoons are all well-suited for trout fishing. The Red Ripper is a rattling spoon with a weed guard. Their Spin Ripper is a rattling spoon with a spinner blade. The most-popular for trout anglers in the Spoon Buzzer, which is a surface buzzbait with a propeller in front of the spoon.

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