ICEMULE Pro 23L Backpack Cooler

It’s the easiest cooler to carry, and keeps ice for days

As light and as easily packed away as a sweatshirt when not in use, the ICEMULE Pro 23L shows its true colors when it’s time to take an adventure requiring hydration, and what adventure doesn’t?

Capable of holding 24 cans with ice, or 47 without it, the 23L can carry as much as 30 pounds of ice alone. Hard-sided coolers with such capacity are heavy, unwieldy and impractical, if not impossible, to carry long distances.

But the 23L’s beefed up backpack straps make carrying this easy, hands-free, and convenient.

The roll-top closure makes a solid seal, and is worry-free, unlike zippers that can get stuck, break, or leak. Crafted with ultra durable materials, this cooler can take a beating without missing a step.

ICEMULE ensures it will hold ice for 24 hours, and real-world tests put it at more like 55 hours.

Bungee webbing allows you to pack a sweatshirt, stow your jacket, footwear, etc.

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