Dam breached at SC’s Lake Paul Wallace

Lake Paul Wallace will be rebuilt, said SCDNR.

SCDNR will rebuild dam

Disaster was averted at Lake Paul Wallace in Marlboro County, SC in early May after the dam breached, but did not cause significant flooding or damage thanks to quick thinking by authorities.

When chairman of the Lake Paul Wallace Authority Sully Blair noticed the water level at the spillway was unusually low, a further inspection showed a portion of the embankment dam near the spillway was failing. Blair alerted emergency personnel.

Officials opened the main valve, releasing water and relieving pressure on the damaged part of the dam. This reduced the likelihood of a total collapse.

Lake Paul Wallace is a 300+ acre lake owned by SCDNR. The Department maintains the lake as part of its State Lakes Program. The lake is made up of the lake and adjacent canal, and is managed for fish habitat, fishing, boating, and other recreation. Picnic areas, a walking trail and a small beach are also part of the lake.

SCDNR is now working with SCDHEC, the SCDOT, and other state and local authorities to restore and rebuild the dam, the lake, and Country Club Drive. 

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