When the sun’s missing, main-lake fish crank up

Windy conditions are perfect for fishermen to fish spinnerbaits around shallow cover.

About the only time in the fall when you won’t catch bass pro Marty Stone up in the river section of a lake or back in a creek is on days when the sun don’t shine.

“When you get dark, cloudy, overcast, rainy days in the fall, the fish that are still on the main lake will go to the bank,” he said. “I concentrate on the first third of the creeks and the main lake, and I’ll concentrate on the windy side.

“Bass can’t see as well on cloudy days and on days with heavy wind, and the wind will create current. if you have current and low visibility, bass will go tot he bank. Some of the biggest bags of fish will be caught on cloudy, overcast days, especially towarsd the end of the month when you get more rain from storms and the effects of hurricanes.”

Stone said fishing the windy side of the main lake area is the single biggest key.

“They will get in that disturbed water, windblown water,” he said. “That’s when I like to burn a spinnerbait, retrieve it as fast as you can. I like to fish a bait 3/4-ounce bait with Nos. 3 1/2 and 4 blades. I’ll fish chartreuse/white or a blue glimmer, and I like a gold/silver blade combination. The gold blade should be the lead blade and the silver is the back blade.

“Unless I get cloudy, overcast conditions or a rainy day, I’m going to be fishing in the creeks, but if I get those conditions, I’m going to fish the main lake, because there will be more fish there, and bigger fish.”

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