Spotted bass bonanza at Lake Russell

Wendell Wilson shows off a nice Lake Russell spotted bass. (Picture by Wendell Wilson)

Top tips for Lake Russell spotted bass

The economy may be slipping, but veteran guide Wendell Wilson of Elberton, GA, predicts the spotted bass in Lake Russell will be booming in November.

“The last few years November has been one of the best months of the year, if not the best, to catch Russell’s spotted bass,” said Wilson ( “That’s when they start ganging up around the schools of baitfish in the creeks and sometimes in the large coves off the main lake.”

The best way to target the spotted bass is to get in water about 30 feet deep and look for schools of threadfin shad close to the bottom, he said. The spots will be there, too, feeding on the shad. There usually will be a good mixture of white and yellow perch with the bass, he added.

The go-to technique, Wilson said, is to use a drop-shot rig baited with live medium shiner minnows.

Spoons, worms also good

“You can also jig a spoon or rig a drop shot with a 4-inch green worm, but you won’t catch nearly as many as you will with the live minnows,” Wilson said. “If they are biting good you don’t have to let it sit very long. If it sits for 30 seconds to a minute, just lift the rod and let it drop back down. The fish will see the movement and come check it out.”

If the spotted bass bite this November like they have in recent years, it can make for some phenomenal fishing days, Wilson said.

“We have had some days when we caught 60 to 70 bass in one area doing that in November,” he said.

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