How to catch more bass at Santee in the heat

Carolina French poses with the kind of bass anglers are catching at Santee this summer.

Expert angler offers tips on landing Santee’s lunkers

The heat has put a damper on the fishing for many folks in a lot of areas across the state, but that’s not the case for bass anglers at Santee, at least not the ones who follow a few tips that the locals are having luck with.

Kevin Davis of Blacks Camp (843-753-2231) one of the keys to getting on the hot bite is getting an early start, or fishing at night. Finding the right water is also necessary, and Davis has a few suggestions for that as well.

“The bass are biting good in 4 to 8 feet of water anywhere that is adjacent to 2 feet of water. You want to fish early in the morning or late, and you want to use a very small finesse worm, unweighted,” Davis said.

A light spinning reel, 10-pound test braided line, and a short, 12-pound fluorocarbon leader make up the terminal tackle.

“The fluorocarbon leader does two things. It makes it tougher for the fish to see, but it also helps the worm sink. It adds just the right amount of weight to get it to sink ever so slowly,” he said.

Another tip Davis mentioned was fishing near grass, downed trees, or any other type of cover. And anglers shouldn’t get in a hurry, he said. Fishing slow is essential when it’s this hot.

“The bass are going to be near some kind of cover. Any place that you can find those 4 to 8 foot depths that are near water that is 2 feet deep, and also has surface weeds, standing grass, fallen timber, or flooded trees are good spots to try,” he said.

Davis said you can also expect to catch bass at night with swimbaits, especially around lighted docks.

“Some of the best places to fish after dark are any of the lighted docks around Bonneau, Pinopolis, and Short Stay,” Davis said.

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