4 tips to catching quality bass on urban fishing holes

Durham County's Sevin Carter landed this lunker at Durham's Little River Lake.

Durham County angler shares tips on catching lunker in hot weather

Urban fishing holes are some of the most overlooked waters, but they can give up plenty of quality bass. One of the best things about these locales is that they are often conveniently located near homes and businesses, which means anglers in the area can enjoy an hour or two of fishing before or after work.

Durham County’s Sevin Carter of 7th Century Outdoors has been catching his share of lunkers from urban ponds like Durham’s Little River Lake. He offers his top tips on catching quality bass from these small waters.

Carter said first, anglers need to fish the right spots, which he said are deep structure points and grass lines. Targeting these areas is no big secret, but he said this time of year, it’s even more critical to anglers looking for quality bass.

His second tip is for anglers to go at the right time. And this time of year, it’s no surprise that Carter is catching the majority of his fish early in the day before the sun gets up too high.

Using the right lures is his third tip. His choices? Texas-rigged Senkos and hollow body frogs.

And Carter’s final tip is for anglers to slow down their presentations. Getting in a hurry is no way to catch the best bass this time of year.

“Mainly I have been Texas rigging deep structure points and grass lines in the morning with a black and blue Senco and KVD top water frog in the grass. Early mornings are the best time in all this heat to get a good five fish limit. Patience and slow fishing is the way to get the bigger fish; you cannot speed fish when trying to catch a lunker,” Carter said.

Little River Lake is one of Durham’s two city lakes. Lake Michie is the other one. The lakes are open Friday through Monday, from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. While the lakes do not allow anglers to bring their own boats, they do rent boats with electric motors for nominal fees.

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