Keller’s First Turkey

Keller is 10. I told him when he turned 10 I would take him Turkey Hunting. He killed this nice Gobbler in Allegheny Co this past weekend on his first hunt. We didn’t weigh the bird, but it was over 20 lbs I’m certain. It had a nice 8″ beard (we did measure for NC Wildlife).

His 16 year old cousin hunted with us and helped to call the bird in. This young man was super excited. He was using my H&R single shot .410 that I was given as a young man. I could not have been more proud. I’d love for his grandfather to flip through the pages of Carolina Sportsman (he’s a subscriber Charles Larry Taylor Charlottesville VA) and see his grandson in there with his 1st bird. That would be a real treat for him as well. Thanks for your great magazine.

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