Baylor Davis bags his first gobbler under a beautiful eastern NC sunrise!

first gobbler

We arrived at the field just before 6 a.m. on April 5 for our hunt in Beaufort County, NC just north of the beautiful Pamlico River. It took us about 20 minutes to find our spot and get set up. Baylor was positioned with his back against a little sweet gum tree facing one jake and hen decoy set up on the field ridge at about 25 yards.

After a little clucking, we heard a few gobbles to our east. Thirty minutes later we see Big Tom’s head rising above the ridge accompanied by one hen. They strut right up to the decoys. One cluck to get Tom to raise his neck and Boom; 12 year old Baylor had his first gobbler! 9.5″ beard with 1″ spurs. We didn’t have a weigh scale but guess 20-25lb range. Shot with Rossi .410.


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