Aubrey Pate’s first turkey harvest


8-year-old Aubrey Pate’s very first turkey harvest!

Good afternoon, my name is Brandon Pate. My 8-year-old daughter Aubrey Pate harvested her very first turkey opening day of North Carolina youth season April 6th. It had a double beard of 9 inches and 6.5 inches with 1 inch spurs. Killed on a friend of the family’s farm in Caldwell County, NC. I made a few clucks and yelps and he flew right off the roost into the field about 50 yards and saw our half strutting jake decoy with two hen decoys. The Tom didn’t like that and came running into fight the jake decoy at 20 yards. My daughter was sitting against my father-in-law David Fields so i could do the calling. He said she was breathing so hard and shaking so bad he thought she was going to pass out and had to tell her to shoot multiple times before she ever pulled the trigger. Well the rest was all smiles, tears of joy and celebration when she dropped the hammer with a .410 shotgun and No. 9 shot TSS! We were set up no more than 15 minutes and she had the tom dead at 7:05 a.m.

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