SC duck hunter missing


Tyler Doyle’s wallet found in NC waters

For more than a week, as of Feb. 2, 2023, a duck hunter that disappeared when his johnboat took on water near the Little River jetties has remained lost. Crews from the U.S. Coast Guard, the SCDNR, North Carolina’s Marine Fisheries and numerous other local agencies have searched for 22-year-old Tyler Doyle.

According to the Coast Guard, another hunter was with Doyle when the boat began sinking. That hunter swam to the jetties and was rescued without injury. Search crews found the boat shortly thereafter.*

The incident happened on Jan. 26. For 6 days, no sign of Doyle was found. Then on Feb. 1, his wallet and waders were found offshore of Brunswick County, NC. Doyle’s family confirmed the wallet, which contained his SC ID, and the waders belonged to the missing hunter.

After a few days of extensive searching, the Coast Guard called their search off, but state and local agencies from both Carolinas have continued their search around the clock. This includes searches by air and by boat, and with high-tech sonar equipment.

If you see anything that could help authorities lead to Doyle’s rescue or recovery, please contact North Carolina’s Division of Marine Fisheries at 910-796-7220 or the SCDNR at 800-922-5431.

*Editor’s note: Initial reports that Doyle’s hunting partner swam to the jetties after the boat began sinking seems to be incorrect. Other reports are stating that Doyle dropped the other hunter off at the jetties, then proceeded to take the boat to attempt to scare up ducks from the ocean’s surface. After dropping the other hunter off, the boat began taking on water and Doyle or his hunting partner called for help.

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