Kent Blackwelder’s Iredell County trophy buck

Kent Blackwelder (left) and son, with Kent’s personal best buck in over 40 years of hunting around his home in northern Iredell County, N.C.!

Iredell County buck green-scored 144 inches

My dad is the man that got me into hunting at a very young age and to this day we both still enjoy the outdoors together,especially deer hunting. My father, on the other hand, has slowly lost the drive over the past 40 or so years to get up and hunt as often for big whitetails due to them being such a rarity around our home.

I have had the luxury of getting to hunt big bucks in other states, unlike my father, and the moment this guy showed up on camera, I knew i was going to make it my top priority to give my dad the best chance possible to harvest this buck for himself.

After just five hunts for the buck, and what seemed like forever, he finally made the ultimate mistake of showing himself in daylight hours just 100 yards away. The buck grossed a total score of 144 inches and is his biggest buck to date!!! To see my dad the happiest he’s ever been about a sport he got me into over 20 years ago myself is a memory I’ll cherish for the rest of my life for sure!

The buck was harvested Dec. 2, 2020!

Ethan Blackwelder — Statesville, N.C.

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