It’s time to hunt squirrels and crows

With deer season over, it’s time to hunt small game

It’s been a great deer season in the Carolinas, but as the calendar changes to a new year, hunting seasons also change.

Small game seasons for various species began in the fall. But many hunters are tied up with chasing deer, so the small game seasons take a back seat. Now that hunting deer is no longer an option (with the exception of North Carolina’s Urban Archery Season), it’s time to turn our attention to other critters.

Crow hunting is one of the most overlooked seasons in the Carolinas. These birds are challenging to hunt, and with many landowners and farmers considering them a nuisance bird, it’s not difficult to drum up some properties to hunt. Aside from challenging your wingshooting skills, they’ll put your camouflaging skills to the test as well.

And while you’re hunting those wily birds, it’s also a good idea to keep a lookout for squirrels. For many hunters, squirrels have been constant companions throughout deer season. But hunting them is a different story. This species can provide for some fast action hunts. And like the crows, they’ll test your skills as a woodsman.

Here’s a video from Carolina ALL OUT, with host Chris Douglas getting the lowdown and showing us how challenging and fun hunting crows and squirrels can be.

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