How to start trapping wild hogs


704 Outdoors show us how to get started trapping wild hogs

Wild hogs are nuisance animals and they’re found throughout the Carolinas. They do a lot of damage to land, crops, and are detrimental to native wildlife. They do have good qualities though, mainly that their meat is lean and tasty.

Hunting wild hogs with guns is plenty of fun and helps hunters keep their shooting skills sharp. But if you really want to thin out a herd and stock some meat away, trapping is the way to go. Many hunters think trapping is too difficult or time-consuming for their liking. Or more likely, they just don’t know where to start. This video from 704 Outdoors breaks it down to show you how to begin the process of trapping hogs on a piece of property. Give it a watch and put these tips to use and see how effective trapping can be.

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