Youth hunter Bransyn Whitman’s big buck

Bransyn Whitman

10-year-old shot the buck with a muzzleloader

10-year-old Bransyn Whitman with his 4th deer and 2nd buck of the season.
I decided to keep him outta school Tuesday since this deer was showing a lot during daylight hours. Deer came in at 7:22 am. After the shot we couldn’t find any sign of a hit, but I’m confident in his shooting and it was only a 40 yard shot from his .50 cal muzzleloader. We decided to contact Drake Slaughter and his dog Piper to help with the recovery and she made short work of the job!

—Jeremy Whitman

Bransyn Whitman
Tracking dog Piper helped find the buck shot by Bransyn Whitman.


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