Willow Pruitt kills her first buck

🚨1st Deer Alert🚨

With the temps dropping we thought that it would be best to set the greenfield in hopes that their appetite would lead to one daylighting.

As the sun came up a few does filtered into the plot.

We observed them feed heavily for about 45 min when Willow Pruitt spotted a “big daddy buck” out of the right window on her right side.

As luck would have it he was making a B-line straight to us at about 225 yards.

I proceeded to get her settled behind the tripod hoping the commotion wouldn’t spook the does, I glance up and he was gone…

I thought he walked down a draw in the field so we got her positioned on the does thinking he would come check them, after what felt like an eternity he appeared at 75 yards broadside

Willow clicked the safety off her .243 and put a very well placed shot

He spun around tail tucked and at that moment I was reminded.

This is what it’s all about

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