Tracy Waddell

I put a ladder stand up in between two bedding areas after the season went out last year. I took a few days of vacation the second week of November in hopes of catching some rutting action. On the first day of vacation on Nov.9th did not disappoint. About 8am I had a doe and a button buck come form straight in front of me with a small 6pt trailing close behind. She stopped 20yds to my left at the edge of the bedding area. She was staring behind me and stomping. I was pretty sure she was smelling me as the wind was blowing my scent straight behind me. Then she blew and ran back the way she came from with the 6pt in tow. I turned to look behind me, and there he was, 25yds and closing. I got turned around just in time as he stopped at 10yds and looked up at me. I took the only clear shot I had through the holly branches. The .270 to the neck anchored him right there.

–Tracy Waddell

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