The Cowan’s Nov. 12th story

On November 12th, Three of the Cowan’s went hunting two brothers and a cousin. Zach Cowan and Gray Cowan went hunting that morning while there cousin Jacob Cowan was working that morning. The two brothers went out to try to kill two bucks that they had trail camera pictures of nice bucks in different locations.

At around 7:00 in the morning Gray Cowan had missed a bobcat with his bow. At around 7:30 when Gray was attempting to get down to retrieve his arrow he heard a loud branch break to look back and see the buck he had been after only to be 30 yards away. Gray was able to draw back and make a liver shot on the buck. Gray tracked blood for 300 yards to find a stop in the blood going into a swamp.

Gray proceeded to back out and wait until the next morning where he recovered the deer only 75 more yards from last blood. The buck was a 7 pointer that was 16 1/2 inches wide That same morning Zach Cowan had his shooter walk out into a soybean field. Zach said that his buck had come out chasing does. Zach shot once at the buck to watch him move out of the field and back into the woods.

Zach then got down and searched and searched to find no blood and no deer to soon realize he had missed. Later that afternoon Zach Cowan went back to the same stand in hope the buck would reappear. While He was sitting in the stand he then saw the Buck reappear, when he took the shot on the buck and knew he had hit him this time. Zach killed a nice 8 pointer 17 inches wide.

That same afternoon Jacob Cowan and Gray Cowan went and sat in hopes for Jacob Cowan’s shooter to appear. After sitting in the stand for a little while and watching a couple does move across the cotton field. Jacob noticed a doe that was acting strange that had appeared out of the woods.

Shortly after she had appeared the buck showed himself nose to the ground right behind the doe bumping her away from Jacob. At 200 yards Jacob took the shot and made a perfect lung shot on the buck. This was a once in the lifetime moment for all of us and to take bucks all in the same day was amazing.

–GT Cowan

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