Thanksgiving morning hunt with my son



395-yard shot ends Thanksgiving morning hunt

Thanksgiving morning 2022, me and my son went still hunting and we planned to get down at 8 am because it was a very busy day. So we text each other to be on the same page. Once I got to my truck my son called all excited, he said “dad there is a monster buck across the dirt road at back of other field that we hunt.”

He asked if I thought he could hit him. My son’s been hunting with me since he was 4, and now he is 28. I told him “I know you can, but you’re gonna have to calm down and breath softly.”

I told him to lay on the ground and get comfortable. I also told him it was about a 350 yard shot, so he would have to aim a couple of inches above the deer for bullet drop. He was shooting my .30-06 that I gave him years back.

He asked again if I thought he could do it and I told him I know he could, just calm down and breath softly. He told me “dad I’m gonna keep you on the phone with me.” I had mine on speaker phone and so did he. I said I’m right here with you, wait on your shot.

A few seconds later, he said “ok he’s broadsided and I’m gonna shoot,” I said ok. Bam he shoots and in the back ground all I hear is daddy I got him I got him. I told him that’s great keep your eye on him make sure he doesn’t get up, I’m on the way. It’ a quarter mile as the crow flies.

I meet him at his truck and we walked to the back of the field, under oak trees. And there he was — the biggest buck he had ever killed, and bigger than any I have ever killed in more than 50 years of hunting. It was such a great Thanksgiving morning to be able to share this moment with my son.

We just gave thanks to the Lord for this time and memory together!! Turned out to be 395 yards with dad’s old .30-06 in son’s hand!! He was a 6- or 7-year-old buck, starting to decline, with barely any teeth. It was a 9-pointer with a 22-inch spread.

–JM Tindall


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