Stewart Gillette’s public land buck

On November 23rd, 2022 after I got off work at 3:30 I decided to try hunting at the Green Swamp Game-lands in Brunswick County NC; my first time hunting them, I studied the map and noticed a horseshoe shaped thicket close to the road so I decided to make my way around it and get in the opening in the middle to see if some deer were bedding close to the road and would work their way deeper into the game lands as it got towards dark. To my surprise that’s exactly what happened at 4:15 pm I noticed a doe get out of a thicket and head towards the game lands at 200 yards I tried to make a shot and missed. After getting a little discouraged I decided to wait and see if anything else would make it’s way in at 5:05 pm I noticed out of the corner of my eye a Buck slipping out of the thicket headed deeper into the game lands; I quickly threw up my .223 rifle, steadying the crosshairs and took one shot at his neck dropping him immediately. Getting out of the stand I wasn’t sure how large he would be, but to my surprise he was one of the biggest bucks I’ve ever shot. Just goes to show NC public land can still hold some monster deer even when heavily pressured. The buck is a main frame 11 with a 2 inch kicker on his right side making him 12 points; estimated to score around the mid 130s.

–Stewart Gillette

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