Searching for Love

Hello my name is Justin Carmack. Small business owner in Pelham North Carolina. We specialize in components/consulting in the Drag Racing Industry. After another very successful year I decided to take up a hobby and go bow hunting. With the help of some close friends I was able to shoot my first Buck, and a 10 point for starters in Caswell County on Tuesday evening November 8th at approximately 5:35 PM.
This stud come in hot on a doe “looking for love” and followed her out of sight and up an embankment. It was running out of shooting light and out of nowhere he comes back through alone this time about 15 minutes from the first encounter. I repositioned my Latitude Saddle and grabbed my V3X and let the Annihilator broad-head speak the business through both lungs and the top of the heart made a very easy 15 yard recovery.
Couldn’t do this with out Eli Moore, Ryan Little, Joanthan Brown, Hayden Wicker, and Don Hawkins they have been there every step of the way into this new found journey.

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