Sean Kearney’s Horry County buck

Horry County buck

On Tuesday November 23 my cameras alerted my phone at 12pm. To my surprise there was a solid buck I’d have never seen before. He stayed around for 31min eating but never gave me the picture I needed. I just knew he was big.

I wanted to sneak in on him but I knew that was a bad idea so instead it was time to put a plan together. I knew he had to be a traveler and bedded close by. I figured he’d eat one more time before traveling back once sun sets. I cleaned my muzzleloader, washed all my gear in Dead Downwind and hung outside. I wasn’t taking no chances.

At 3:30 I was climbing the tree. I got set up in my Crüzr saddle and began the wait. At 5:15 a little 4-pointer walks by. I could hear more deer on the leaves but couldn’t see them. Two shots ring out in the distance. Close enough I felt it could have been him but on adjacent properties.

Then I heard it. I heard a snap! I swung my head around and there he was! Stopped dead in his tracks at 60 yards.He scared himself stepping on a stick. I was running out of time. Should I take the shot he gave me or wait for a better one? I felt I could squeeze one off but wasn’t confident. Minutes felt like hours. The night was approaching fast and we’re running out of time. Then he did the unthinkable.

His head went down and he was closing the distance. He’s headed straight for my lane. At 5:50 and 11 yards I squeezed the trigger. The world stood still while the shot echoed. I packed up and rappelled down. I turn on my light and it was a bloodbath. I shined in the direction he went and he laid 15 yards away but had yet to expire. Reloaded and finished him off. My biggest buck to date got tagged.

Another Big shout out to Jason Britt for taking the time and sharing his experience on how to hunt these lowcountry wetlands. His suggestion on stand location paid off big time and I never would have thought to do it. Needless to say where you think the deer will be do the complete opposite. Go where you think they wouldn’t be.

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