Saint Paul’s Trophy


Three long years of chasing this deer. 14 points in total. Not only did I have to outsmart this animal, but I also had to contend with several other hunters pressuring him all season long. He was completely nocturnal. Just so happened I woke super early to get to my stand, and another hunter pushed into an ag field 30 mins to sunlight to get to a stand in a cutdown 500 yards away from me.

First came a herd of does, and then 40 minutes later, here comes this giant of a deer following his nose. During the skinning process, I noticed this deer had been shot two different times. Buckshot in his neck and a rifle round though his hip. Explains why he only showed his face at night.

But he offered himself to me Dec. 2, 2022 and this was my only opportunity to harvest him. 150 yards 300 blackout subs. Ran 20 feet, laid down & died. Well worth the chase.


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