Pearson Fox’s Rowan County Heavy Horned 8 pt.


On December 28th Pearson Fox while hunting with his dad shot a heavy horned 8pt! At 5:08 the buck made a mistake to venture out of a thicket into a food plot area that Person and he dad had made in early October. The buck was quartering to them and his dad said to “shoot him when ready” because we all know that the Old Bucks don’t get old from being predictable. Pearson shot him with a Weatherby Vanguard 270 Winchester with a 140 grain Sierra hollow point and the buck dropped instantly. His father was able to film on his cell phone. This is Pearsons’s largest buck to date as he is 9 years old. He has two more tags left as he has taken 3 does this year as well! Pearson got his first buck when he was 7 years old with his father. To say that he is hooked might be an understatement!


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