NC bowhunter kills 13-point buck in Rockingham County

13-point buck

13-point buck is third 140-class deer he’s killed from same stand in recent years

RJ Seiler of Stokesdale, N.C. killed a 140-inch, 13-point buck during an opening day hunt in Rockingham County on Sept. 11, 2021. He killed the big buck from a stand that he holds close to his heart.

In the past few years, Seiler killed two other 140-class bucks from the same stand. This location continues to produce excellent quality bucks with all the right genetics and quality food sources. And Seiler ensures the bucks in that area reach maturity, passing on them sometimes for years before they reach trophy status.

Letting them grow is a tried and true technique that Seiler fully understands. And he understands the uniqueness of this spot that keeps producing for him.

“It’s a nice inside corner with two creeks converging behind me, and with a small food plot with a corn pile right along the edge,” Seiler said. “It’s a sweet spot that always seems to be favored. Especially early in the season.”

This year, Seiler first started seeing this monster buck back in late May and early June. He watched the early development of this buck all summer long. It was a special experience for him to see while fully anticipating opening day.

And when opening day arrived, the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect for an afternoon hunt. A light south wind was perfect for this stand, and the cool weather made it just right. Seiler slipped into the stand at 5 p.m., anticipating the movements and arrivals of the deer he had been seeing on camera the last few weeks.

13-point buck surprises Seiler with new travel route

“The 7×6 had been traveling to the site within a group of bucks. And they would normally arrive out in front of my stand. I sprayed down in Dead End Calls Earth-scented Elimination spray to be safe. And I had my ion machine running too,” he said.

After an hour and a half, a young buck showed up from the usual place out in front of him. It fed awhile before he looked up in Seiler’s direction.

13-point buck
Seiler got his first looks at the buck through trail cameras this past May.

“He was staring right in my direction and looking hard. Then I heard a noise,” he said.

Seiler glanced over his shoulder, downwind. And to his dismay, four bucks were walking right toward him. And they were directly downwind. He expected to be winded. And he just knew the hunt was going to be over, and that the big 13-point buck would be spooked for the rest of the season.

“They never came from that direction (before). But Saturday, they did,” he said.

Unbelievably, the four bucks walked between his tree stand and the creek just 12 yards away.

“They never knew I was there!” he said.

The four deer eased to the corn pile. Seiler waited patiently until the big buck made it to the corn at 22 yards. Seiler drew back his bow and fired his Rage X-treme two-bladed broadhead into the buck. The arrow stuck into the buck’s chest cavity, sending the buck into a dead sprint. It ran 50 yards before piling up and falling dead.


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