Mason Mister kills first buck, and second, during same hunt

Mason Mister and his dad decided to try their luck on November 11, 2023 at giving Mason an opportunity to kill his first buck of his life. Just three weeks before he killed his first ever deer, which was a 3.5 year old doe, but Mason was eager to get his first buck as well.

Mason’s dad had been keeping an eye on the weather and knew it would be a good night, so out they went to the blind for an afternoon sit. After sitting there about an hour a small four pointer came in and Mason was chomping at the bit begging his dad to let him shoot it. His dad knew there were a couple of good six pointers in the area that he wanted gone and knew there was a good chance at least one would show up, so he told Mason “Just be patient buddy, trust me”.

After a few minutes the little buck wondered off. Approximately 10 minutes later his dad said there’s the big bodied six as he watched the deer start working his way in at about 40 yds out. Mason got ready and setup with his Wicked Ridge crossbow and a Bloodsport arrow tipped with a G5 Megameat broadhead and patiently waited for the deer to come in. Once the deer came in he stayed there for probably 15 minutes eating facing straight towards them.

Mason stayed patient and fought his nerves hard until the deer finally turned broadside. When he did his dad made a noise to make the deer stop and Mason drilled him right in the pump station. After the deer ran off Mason and his dad sat there and his dad said, “Ok buddy we’ll give him about 30 minutes and we’ll see if we can’t go find him”.

About 25 minutes passed by and Mason’s dad said, “ok how bout we get ready to go get him”, which Mason agreed too. As his dad finished getting everything together and began to move towards the back of the blind to unzip the blind Mason said, “Dad there’s a buck”. His dad turned around and spotted the buck and knew exactly which deer it was, a wide six pointer that had a tendency to come in and stare at the blind every time. His dad said, “Ok be patient let me get another bolt on the crossbow”. Once he got it on there the deer had made his way about 30 yds out and walked right up on the arrow that had passed through the fist buck Mason shot, and smelling the blood he got a little spooked.

It took this buck a good 10 minutes to finally work his way in and just like he always did in the past, he came in staring the blind down. Mason’s dad knew they were running out of light so he deliberately started moving in the blind to get the deer to turn and offer a good shot. About five minutes later he turned and his dad made a sound to stop him, and once again Mason put it right where it counted. The deer took off out of sight and they celebrated. They packed their stuff up and immediately went down in the woods to find the first deer Mason shot.

His dad had his vortex binoculars with him and with his naked eye thought he could see the deer about 80 yds up in the woods which he then confirmed with his binoculars. They went straight to the 3.5 yr old buck and his dad grabbed him and dragged him out. They went right back in and immediately found blood for the second deer, which they needed to find because it had gotten dark at that point. His dad tracked blood, knowing it was a lung shot, for about 80 yds when he looked up and saw the deer laying there about 10 yds ahead of them. They retrieved him as well and went home to celebrate with family over Mason’s first and second ever bucks.

His dad said, “I couldn’t ask for a better season. His older 9 yr old brother killed his second and biggest buck ever that was about a 125” deer the third day of the season and now Mason not only got his first deer this year but he also got his first and second bucks ever. We have truly been blessed this year and I couldn’t be happier.”

–Bryan Mister


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