Laurens County hunter kills 6-point doe

6-point doe

The 6-point doe was in full velvet until mid October

Jenny Franklin of Johnston, S.C. killed a unique, 6-point doe on Oct. 31, 2021 in Laurens County. She shot the antlered doe from 20 yards away with a Savage Axis .30-06.

It’s a deer that Franklin was familiar with through trail camera photos. And it’s one she had questions about. It was a small-bodied deer and had velvet late into the season.

“We had seen this deer on trail cameras many times at a different stand on the property. The deer was still in full velvet two weeks prior, and it had velvet hanging off her antlers when harvested,” said Franklin.

Hunting from a tree stand overlooking a thick wooded area, she watched the deer as it walked, waiting for a clear shot.

“It walked up a trail in a thick wooded area in front of me. And I took the shot at 20 yards when it was in an opening between some trees. The deer dropped when shot,” she said.

Franklin was happy to finally get an up close look at the deer, where her questions about the 6-pointer were answered.

“The first thing we did was check to see if it was a stag because we had seen it in velvet so late in the season. I love the way her brow tines are both curved,” she said.

Because of the unique creature’s characteristics, Franklin said she has an uncommon way of commemorating the hunt.

“I am extremely proud of my antlered doe. And a pink camo skull mount seems appropriate,” she said.

She took the deer to Jackson’s Deer Processing in Johnston, where they weighed the deer before processing it. It weighed 103 pounds.


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