Laura Tucker’s Warren County wide-racked buck

“Tex,” wide-racked buck, weighed 174 pounds

Laura Tucker killed a wide-racked buck in Warren County, NC on Oct. 25, 2023 and her trail camera caught some interesting photos from the day of the hunt. Here’s her story of the hunt:

Wednesday morning, while I was working, I checked the Stealth Cam and immediately wished I was hunting instead of working.

This buck I called “Tex” was out in daylight, and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I made a plan then to go when I got off that afternoon.

I got to my ground blind a little later than I had planned, but as soon as I got in, a doe came out into the radish food plot. She didn’t stay long. So then I sat for about 30 minutes, when I saw a deer moving from the top right through a small patch of trees toward the food plot. I could not tell what it was at first, so I scanned the area while waiting for it to appear in the clearing. When it did, I saw the side view of a buck. But I could not immediately realize which one it was, until he turned his 21-inch wide rack to face me.

I cocked the hammer on my TC Encore muzzleloader and waited for the opportunity for a clean shot. As soon as he stopped broadside about 80 yards away, I pulled the trigger and the smoke cloud ensued. All I could see was a white belly lying where he was just standing seconds before, and my last buck tag for NC was filled.

Tex weighed 174 pounds and is the widest buck I’ve ever harvested. Even though it is rifle season in Warren County, I took my muzzleloader, because I never took a buck with it, only does. So I figured why not give it a try?

I also have the entire hunt recorded on my phone and you can see the deer come into the food plot and drop moments later. The pictures below are a sequence of events from Wednesday, starting with the daylight image that morning, the action shot of the harvest and smoke from the muzzleloader in the ground blind, and me holding Tex.


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