Joshua Vestal’s trophy buck

trophy buck
It has been 4 years since I have killed a good buck. All the time and effort in scouting and learning this property with cameras, feed, protein blocks, setting stands in locations where I think they will be.
Well on Nov. 22, 2022 at 8:20am it all came together so quick. The day before, I got a picture at 12:14 of this buck just 300 yards from the house at a stand I set on the south end of the pasture. I rushed up there and snuck quietly to the fence but he was already gone. I received more pics of him at 4 a.m. on Nov. 22 so I decided that was where I was going to sit, given the wind was right and I knew he was in the area.
I got in the stand at 6:15 that morning and seen a few young does, a red fox and some other deer up on the mountain to my right. Something spooked them all and it got quiet for about 30 minutes. Out of nowhere I just happen to hear a twig break and turned to look behind me and seen a buck with big antlers about 85 yards away. With no hesitation I knew he was a shooter. Threw my rifle up and let it ring.
I heard the shot hit and he bucked hard! He jumped the fence and across the road and piled up 45 yards from where I shot him! This is my widest deer ever and one of the biggest we have ever gotten to see on this farm. At 18-inch inside spread, 9-inch G2s and weighing 201 pounds, it is the biggest deer I have ever been able to harvest. Then it was time to enjoy the rest of the season with my family. Glad I could bring all of you on this journey!
–Joshua Vestal; Boone, NC

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