Granville County hunter kills 10-point, 153-inch buck

Submitting this kill for my dad! He doesn’t know I am submitting this because he wouldn’t want the attention, but this is the deer he has dreamed of since he was at least 10-years-old!

My dads name is Steve Smith and he has been hunting since he was a little boy with his dad in Michigan. He has lived in Vance/Granville counties for 30+ years.

10-pointer shot on opening day of muzzleloader season in Granville County, NC. Shot with a black powder muzzleloader from 30 yards away. Deer ran through some tough terrain and it took 30 minutes to walk to his location. Weight is estimated at 200+ pounds, and it took 6 hours to get him out of the woods. He had only seen this specific deer on Thursday night on his camera, and shot him that Saturday (Oct. 28) morning! Rough score of 153 inches.

–Lori McLeod

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