Caleb Nichols’ Davie County velvet buck

Davie County velvet buck

On September 12, I was at work for 9 straight hours dealing with oil and grease. I decided to go hunting on my grandparents’ land in Davie County, N.C. since I had gotten trail cam pictures at 2 p.m. of my No. 1 hit-list buck and his group, I went home sprayed with Elimishield and went on into the woods.

Around 7:15 I noticed everything got quiet while I was scrolling through Facebook. So I happened to look up and three decent sized bucks came in. My No. 2 hit-list was the first one in. About three minutes later, big boy decided to make an appearance. The little deer stood in front of him for what seemed like forever and finally gave me an opportunity to shoot.

I got half way through my draw and my No. 2 hit-list busted me. As he ran away, the big 8 just stood there looking at me and I told myself it’s now or never. I completed my draw and pin wheeled him with a Ramcat. As soon as I hit him I called my dad, my two buddies and texted me girlfriend. It was honestly the happiest hunting moment I’ve ever had! People sleep on NC when it comes to deer hunting, but we have some big mature deer here!

–Caleb Nichols


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