Dalton Sloop’s 6-point buck

Dalton Sloop 10-years-old killed this 19-inch, 238-pound, 6-point buck. Behind his house while hunting with his dad on November 12 around 730am. We went hunting on veterans day and seen 16 deer 15 does 1 spike and the big 6 pointer. He came in chasing does but would not offer a shot. Dalton was discouraged because he never could get on the buck. Dalton was waiting this year to kill a big buck. Letting several small bucks walk already this year. So the next day we let him play hooky from school and we tried it again. That morning we seen a doe and a big body deer come across the shooting lane about 100 yards away. Could not tell what it was but we knew it was a big deer. Then we herd grunting and walking through the woods. Dad told Dalton to get ready and then the doe popped out at 40 yards in a opening and right behind her was the big 6. Dalton was shaking like a leaf. The deer offered a shot and Dalton hit the deer good with his muzzle loader. After the smoke cleared we got pumped up believing he made a good shot. The deer ran about 50 yards and piled up. Still not knowing how big the deer was when we got down to where the shot was we could see through the wood the big body laying on the ridge. Dalton helped drag the big deer out but it was a lot of work. Dad knew it was a big deer body wise and the wide 6 had a lot of mass so he called a local proceser to get a offical weight on the deer. The proceser said it was one of the biggest he seen in cabarrus county weighing in at almost 240 pounds. Bigger than anything dad had killed by at least 30 pounds. Dalton then said he was using his alowance to get the deer mounted to put his dads deer to shame lol.

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