Dakota Icard’s North Carolina buck


The buck came in grunting

I have been watching a few different bucks at my moms house for about two years now. With me moving away & only getting weekends to go hunt, I decided to set out a few cameras to keep a range of what was coming in to the corn piles. Knowing this would probably be my last hunt this year with neck surgery coming up in December, I had a plan in mind in hoping it wouldn’t fall through.

This Thanksgiving, my fiancé and I had us a plan to hunt these bucks in hoping we would come across the “monster” my mom kept saying she seen. We climbed in the stand and began to watch a few does and a few small bucks. Then this deer came running in and grunting and chasing the little bucks and does off and I picked up my 300 Win Mag and shot this beautiful buck.

-Dakota Icard
Burke County, North Carolina


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