Crossover is down

All I can say is I’m truly blessed to take this animal it’s sad to say the chase with this guy is over and I’ll never forget it all started a couple years ago I noticed his main beams were getting close to touching and I had multiple in counters with this deer but I decided to pass him up until last year I seen him once and decided to pass him again and thank god I did because he blew up now his main beams are crossed over and his tine length got a lot taller so he after a few stealth cam pics I decided to take him but it wasn’t that easy after the cat and mouse game was getting vary over whelming until a cold front came threw late September he showed up in the stealth cam morning and evening during daylight hours and of course I’m not there so on October 3 I got in my stand around 3:30 pm I see a spike and 4 does the spike ran off and snort weezed at the does and he made a scrap and then all the sudden here comes crossover all I see is his antlers coming threw the woods so he chased off the spike and the does came back when he started getting closer buck fever started kicking in it vary was vary difficult trying to control my nerves when he got in range of 50 yards I slowly raised my crossbow and the doe actually seen me move so she’s literally staring into my soul and I did was closed my eyes and prayed and when I opened them she started to put her head down so I quickly put my crossbow on my shoulder I took aim with all nerves going crazy and I squeezed the trigger the arrow hit its mark all the deer cleared the woods it’s I gave it a few minutes I called and texted my family and friends and told them I’m pretty sure crossover is down I gave it some more time as I climb down out of my stand I went to check my arrow and I couldn’t find it but I do see lots of blood so I’m on the blood trail and there he is he didn’t go 40 yards I am truly blessed this is the biggest buck I took in my life I truly honored to even take this buck in my home town concord Nc after getting him to my taxidermist he had him aged and scored his age was 5/12 years old and scored 130.5/8 biggest buck of my life.

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