Cleveland County monster mainframe 8-point

Cleveland County

Cleveland County buck green-scored 139 inches

For years I have hunted North Carolina with the dream of taking what I considered to be a monster buck by North Carolina standards. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to take many “good” bucks in North Carolina and some big bucks in other states, however despite my best efforts a true NC monster had alluded me.

That all changed on my family land I hunt in Cleveland County on November 8th at 7am when a doe and button head stepped out with giant following behind. The doe and button head came to within 60 yards but the big buck turned and headed down a tree line 180 yards away, just out of range for my TC Omega.

I grabbed a grunt call and two grunts turned the big buck around a full 180 degrees, and brought him in on a march directly toward my stand. At 60 yards he gave me a shot. The shot was a little back so we gave him a few hours to expire if needed. We found him 150 yards away and the celebration was on.

The buck estimated at 4 1/2-years-old weighed in at 198 pounds and scored 139 inches. Both main beams were over 24 inches, G2s were over 10 inches and he sported a beautiful double-throat patch as an extra bonus.

–Travis Elmore


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