Chuck’s first deer!!


This is a photo of my youngest daughter Charlotte “Chuck” Foose and her first deer. We have hunted and fished together for many years, but she has not had interest in deer hunting. She sat with me in Starr, SC on Nov. 23, 2022.

We had seen a few does feeding early in the morning and had caught a glimpse of a buck chasing before good shooting light. This buck came out on a powerline at around 300 yards and was following a scent, moving towards us steadily down the powerline. He stopped at about 213 yards across a creek and back up the hill.

Chuck took the shot using my .30-06 rifle (first time on the .30-06) and managed great shot placement as the deer was recovered 20 yards from where she shot. Unbelievable morning for both of us!! Although she might be ruined for deer hunting if this is the standard she has set. Nice 9-point (small 2-inch G4 not visible in pic) and large-bodied deer.

Looking forward to more mornings like that with my daughter!!

–J. Foose


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