Chatham County hunter kills 23-point buck

23-point buck welcomes hunter home

This Chatham County, NC 23-point buck was killed by Jamie Poe of Siler City, NC on Nov. 21, 2022. He shares his story here:

I had just return from a hunting trip South Dakota Sunday Night. I had decided to sleep in Monday morning to rest up for the work week ahead. I had decided to go sit that afternoon since I haven’t been in a stand since before November 3rd.

I didn’t expect to see anything to shoot, but wanted to observe a field edge between bedding and feeding. I had gotten news of the buck I was after being taken by the neighbors son. So i switched to looking for a different deer.

I had countless pictures of a main frame 10 with lots of stickers everywhere. But only one daylight picture back in October. I got to the blind around 3 p.m. and began to wait. At about 4:30, I had five or six does come out. They feed around for 30 minutes and eventually moved on.

As soon as they left I seen movement to the right. I looked and seen what looked like a black and white pig jogging down field edge. As he passed, four little bucks made their way out into the field. It was about 5:25 at this time and  light was running out fast. I started to get things together to leave. I decided I would look around with my Binoculars one more time before I leave.

I scan to the left, then right till I spotted an unusual deer that wasn’t there before. I quickly realized what deer it was and shot. They all run off and I walked back to the truck to get more lights. After doing some lite tracking I found him.

It was a bittersweet moment. Here was a deer I let walk and give him time to grow get to his potential. Patience and persistent in giving him all the minerals, time, and hardly any hunting pressure really makes a difference.

–Jamie Poe



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