Cayden Clark’s buck, Mr. Paparazzi

The chase for Mr.Paparazzi has finally come to an end! Since my son Cayden Clark was 2-years-old he has chased deer, turkey, and ducks with me and season by season he matures so much!

Five years ago, I was having to carry him in the woods and sit in a blind with his iPad. Now he carries his rifle and climbs up in a treestand with me like he is grown! Son I hope one day you will look back on these memories and no matter how big of a deer we kill, nothing will ever amount to how much I love you and how much you mean to me!

I also want to thank my wife Kyla Alex for all that she puts up with and the support she gives me with all the time that I spend in the woods! We just got back from Kansas after being there a week and we left there just to come home and chase the rut!

–Robert Clark


Congratulations to Cayden Clark, who is now entered in our Bag-A-Buck Contest and in the running for these monthly prizes and the Grand Prize package:

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You can be in the running for these prizes too by sharing your story and photo in our Bag-A-Buck gallery.

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