My name is Thomas Phillips, I’m 12 years old. I live in Sumter sc, and I’m a country boy! I enjoy outdoors, I enjoy hunting, fishing and loving everyday! I have been hunting, sitting in the stand every single day or every other day watching and letting deer walk and slaying the ones I thought that were big. I seen this big 12 pointer come across my moultrie app, and I thought to my self,” I got to have him”,so then everyday I was in the stand and never seen him for weeks, after I would get out the stand I would hear walking and then as soon as I got home , of course after hours he came across the camera. On November 10, 2022 I decided to go hunting and got in the stand early just to get some extra seat time, and around 6:00 pm he walked right out , and I got him! Big boy, the 12 point, the biggest I have seen and actually got to take a shot at him. Immediately, I called my dad and told him I got him! I got down , and then the chase and rush started, he took off and ran and ran and me and dad finally found him and he was laid on the ground and gave up after a 10 minute run and following him around in the woods on our land! I finally got one worth mounting and bigger than what is on the wall at the house!

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